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Friday 10 am to 8
Saturday 10 am to 8 pm
Sunday 10 pm to 8 pm

Body Gallery Tattoos and Body Piercing may be called an art studio, you can feel as though you entered into a gallery, with artwork throughout the space.

Some people praise it as an ‘art hub’ or an alternative studio. Body Gallery has a reputation as being a unique space where you can immerse yourself a creative environment that celebrates the body as the core of many art practices. You can find many artistic forms here from tattoos to body piercings, jewellery making, custom artwork and airbrushed clothing.

Body Gallery is a hub with all kinds of crafts fused together. Workshops are offered to extend creative knowledge to you, here you’ll find inks, oils, paints, brushes and just about any other tool used to create art. There are paintings, drafts and many curiosities as you walk through, and meet Ann, Kelly and Sian to give you a friendly welcome.

Ann, the owner, is a tattoo artist and body piercer that has been in the industry for over thirty years, has experienced different forms of art and she specialises in pointillism styles in tattooing.

“I’ve practised art all my life, including painting, illustration, air brushing and even pottery, textiles and jewellery making, I’ve also worked as a body piercer for over 30 years.

I enjoy taking on any challenge, no tattoo style is out of my scope of expertise.”

Tattoo artist Kelly G. has practised as an accomplished artist for over 30 years, he has carried his knowledge of conventional painting an illustration into his tattooing career, with a passion for artistic and contemporary tattooing.

“Through over 18 years of experience as a tattoo artist I’ve found my passion in this craft, specialising in abstract tattoo styles.
No job is too great or small, whether it’s a custom piece or one of my unique tattoo designs, I look forward to working together to create a great piece of art.”

Finally Sian Davies, Body Gallery’s young and upcoming apprentice, pursuing her future in tattooing.

“I’m striving to use my background in graphic design and growing knowledge of fine art to develop some great tattoo designs and flash sheets while I work my way towards being a qualified tattoo artist.”

The only tattoo studio at SKAC, here you’ll find the Body Gallery crew as well as many other international artists that frequent the studio. Together with music by D.J Roger and the electric guitarist, Dean Elliot, Body Gallery is the hotspot of creative expression. Body Gallery invites you to come visit at 130 Carlisle street to enjoy the unique vibe and professional service.

“We have established a highly creative environment in my studio only employing talented individual’s that share my passion for the arts and customer satisfaction. I invite you to come visit us at any time and look forward to completing a fantastic tattoo for you.”

Body Gallery Crew



Book over SKAC weekend (fri 25th, sat 26th, sun 27th) and save 20% off of any piercing or tattoo booking for over weekend or future date.


original artworks by resident artists available for purchase


D.J Roger + guest D.Js

Live Music performed by electric guitarist, Dean Elliot.

Open 10am-10pm


Exclusive offer, wide range of unique tattoo flash designed by our artists for heavily discounted price. Draw a ball, find your number and pick your new tattoo/piercing!