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Sophie Ruolle contributing artist at 33 Fitzroy St exhibition 21 – 24 Sept

Reflecting after a profoundly bleak 3 years, I have emerged to discover my recent work, both visual and performative, has become infused with raw sensual power. During this 3 year sabbatical, my body of work has reflected my internal landscape, immersed in despair, rage, hopelessness and grief.  And while themes of  Love and Transformation illuminate the core of my current work, the performances  still  carry the weight of the recent past. I am interested in how the body acts as a vessel for powerful change and transformation. I am obsessed with the reclamation of the body, of sexuality, sensuality.  I am curious about power relationships, the relationships between violence and nurture, revenge and redemption, rage and ecstasy. I am interested in my personal relationship with shame, power and forgiveness.  Having recently returned to Australia after being in the Northern hemisphere, the festival’s theme of Spring Equinox is particularly significant. I am intrigued by the power struggles of light and darkness, in all climates and landscapes, internal and external and their capacity to not only co-exist but live in harmony.

Article courtesy of pationpics.com