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Pumpkin Lane – Jerry (Jaromir) Krejcik


I was born and raised in the town of Brno in the former Czechoslovakia, now the Czech Republic. The surrounding region is an ancient wine growing area with Templar castles and picturesque villages.

My earliest influences were the natural beauty of the countryside and the unique botanical patterns that each village uses in their stone carving and embroidery. Despite the attractions of the countryside, living in the Soviet Empire was a nightmare of repression and censorship.


Wood is my preferred material to work on because it has its own irregular organic surface. I will often use found pieces which have their own unique shape and finish, creating texture by applying multiple layers of paint and then stencil, burn, cut, scrape, sand, and stencil again and repaint to create depth and texture. My work is built up with layers, each obscuring the earlier ones, much like our culture that is continually overwriting itself before the last layer has dried.

The process rewrites the image, without explanation or reference, like an old wall art where new work obscures parts of the old until and over time the old vanishes completely. My work captures this process at a single point in time. That’s why stencils are common in my work; they are the still frames, the frozen
moments from an unknown movie.

I paint because I have to, I dream images in colour, and I need to capture them before they fade from memory.