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St Kilda Arts Community Inc – Our aim is to invigorate the St Kilda art scene through a series of complementary event based activities combining artists, venues and sponsors’ visions with ongoing 12 month programs.

We aim to act as a conduit to facilitate arts tourism for St Kilda from metropolitan, state, national and international visitors

St Kilda Arts Community Incorporated trading as St Kilda Art Crawl (SKAC) has been established as a Not for Profit Charity organisation dedicated to serving and promoting St Kilda’s vibrant and diverse arts community by providing support and stimulus through a series of mini festivals, fundraising and public awareness events.

SKAC Mixers, run monthly, are creative meetings at various venues providing opportunities for gallery owners, venue operators, artists, musicians, sponsors and other stakeholders to mix and meet and work through mutually planned events that empower artists of all genres to celebrate St Kilda's vibrant arts community by consolidating relationships between artists and traders for inclusion on the SKAC maps.

St Kilda Art Crawls are mini festivals highlighting and celebrating the diversity of St Kilda and Port Phillip artists. There will be 20-50 venues and artists in the different St Kilda precincts that will be followed via a printed SKAC map and an online mobile website map with push notifications for events and special offers from retailers.

SKAC Meltdowns are the after parties of St Kilda Art Crawl festivals and will continue after 10pm at a variety of venues around St Kilda.

Executive Committee

Tim Barnett

Tim Barnett


Tim is a veteran of the entertainment industry with deep roots in production and business domains. With over 35 years production and management experience in the industry, his entrepreneurial skills have seen the creation of successful businesses influencing many aspects of entertainment including film, television, new media, technology, advertising and marketing. Tim is a pioneer with a diverse ability for getting things done as the company’s visionary, chief executive, senior creative, marketing strategist, storyteller, director, producer,
technology and business consultant, often simultaneously.

Being a hands on personality, Tim has always maintained a big picture overview for his businesses based on well placed long term strategies. He was founder and chief executive for two of the industries major production and facility companies, the Comcopy Group and Central City Studios(now Docklands Studios Melbourne) servicing the Australia and international entertainment.

Mick Pacholli

Mick Pacholli

Producer, Vice President

Mick has had 40+ years experience in newspaper and magazine publishing including the Toorak Times and the world’s first Street Mag TAGG - The Alternative Gig Guide.

Mick has managed bands and created venues.

Mick currently publishes Toorak Times and TAGG - The Alternative Gig Guide as popular online publications.

St KIlda Art Crawl was inspired by Brian O‘Rourke and a will to re establish St Kilda as Melbourne’s recognised arts hub.

Call Mick on 0410 958 825 if you would like to find out more.

Simon Barnett

Simon Barnett


Simon has worked in the film and television industry for more than 40 years commencing in Channel 7 Melbourne.

Since then he has travelled through the film and television industry directing, writing and producing TVC‘s, television series/specials, documentaries, dramas, corporate video’s, network promotions, training and promotional projects.

Simon is an accomplished writer for media with writing credits in many of his own projects for television/radio, drama, print, online, news articles and speeches.

He has also developed and managed several production and event companies in Melbourne including a subsidiary of a public company developing new media.

As a producer and scriptwriter, he has received recognition in Australia and overseas with a number of awards including the Mobius Award in New York.

Doug Hartmann

Drasko Boljevic

Drasko Boljevic

Executive Committee

Drasko Boljevic is an urban artist living in Melbourne, Australia

Drasko Boljevic began his career in Zagreb at the Academy of Fine Art. Since his arrival in Australia in the early 90’s, he has completed a VCA Fine Arts degree majoring in Sculpture (1997), a Postgraduate Diploma in Visual Arts (painting) in 2011 and a Masters in Contemporary Art (2012) and he has been dedicated to exploring different techniques in his endeavour to produce exciting and vibrant works.

Drasko’s artistic involvement expanded to the co-ownership of Azibi Gallery, St Kilda, an art space for non-established artist (1997-2001). His aspirations also have seen his work extended to theatre, as set designer and props and puppet maker for several theatre companies, including the Institute of Pataphysical Studies, More than Opera, and Malthouse Theatre.

Christine Ritter

Executive Committee

Tobias Sherson

Executive Committee

 Sub Committees

Donna Gabriel

Events, Promotion, Choreographer

Suzi Q P Dhol

Events, Promotion, St Kilda Live Music

Mark Entwhistle

Events, Promotion, St Kilda Live Music
Geoffrey Fry

Geoffrey Fry

Marketing Coordinator

Marketing and Promotion