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Marloes Bakker-Marsden – “Born an Artist – Interrupted” – showing at Claypots Seafood Express

Marloes Bakker-Marsden 

Show runs from Friday night at 6pm until Sunday 6pm

Born an artist - interrupted 


Creative and adventurous, well-travelled, a business woman, mother, friend, winner of multiple design awards and a self-taught artist with a love of experimentation in various mediums.


The drive to express myself artistically has slowly increased over the years from a simmer, to an undeniable and un-suppressible roar! The lid is off!


Now is the time to start realising a lifelong ambition of becoming a professional artist.

Drawn to pen and ink work and fascinated with detail, so grabbed the micro-pens and began to create highly detailed works, with a love of animals these naturally became the first subjects, using patterns for the visual weight, they also add a depth and nuance to the pictures – If you look closely at the drawings you will find rainbows and scallops, dots, circles, scrolls or are they baby snails? daisies - I love daisies, to me they smell like summer,  there are webs saluting busy spiders, weaves, ropes and coils, vines, rivers and textures of all the layers of this amazing life and land around us, these all become part of the story of the image.


Discovering that up-scaling these drawings really works well, making the micro detail more visible and accessible, then combining touches of paint and layered with photography to complete each story.

Friday night will be a packed full night with the amazing Hanksaw supported by Rosie Hayden some sumptuous seafood nibbles and specials from our host Neelam Sami and to top this off the Wine Witch Jenny Polack will be there to spread her knowledge and offer a $10 tasting of 4 wines


Address83 Fitzroy St, St Kilda VIC 3182

HoursOpen today · 5–11:30pm

Reservations: quandoo.com.au