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ILANEL February News

Just like last year and the year before, our first newsletter for the year is out in February. January is always a short and busy month here at ILANEL.
We look forward to a super creative and collaborative year ahead and we hope you'll enjoy our 2018 monthly newsletters!  

The Amarantha Pendant

Introducing The Amarantha pendant.

A 900mm diameter halo with a jungle on top! First collaboration with stem and stamen who work alongside the founders of a non-toxic immersion formula developed in France in 1988 that captures the flora in its fresh-cut state, where it remains for years without water or significant maintenance.

Available in various sizes and finishes. Stay tuned for more new designs in this range.

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The Cool / ILANEL

Patricia Arcilla writing for IndesignLive
"Who says lighting has to be discreet? St Kilda-based lighting studio ILANEL certainly doesn't think so, recasting the luminaire in a cool industrial palette that features heavy doses of metal and blown glass.
Planar forms, crisp design lines, and a sprawling spatial quality hint at the background of studio head Ilan El, a former architect whose portfolio spans everything from interior to signage and luminaires.
The latter soon became Ilan's day job, and in 2010, after relocating to Australia and completing a Master of Industrial Design at Melbourne's RMIT, he launched ILANEL.
Striking and sculptural, ILANEL's luminaires transform their surroundings instantly and seemingly effortlessly – and if that isn't a little bit rock'n'roll, we don't know what is."  

Decoding Design / Save the Date

Three designers, three nationalities, three cultures and three design disciplines join forces to decode each other's cultural cliches through interpretive design.

Yan the Chinese Automotive Designer, Manuel the German Architect and Ilan the Israeli Industrial Designer, interpret archetypical and traditional items of their fellow cultures in their own way.

'Decoding Design' explores how cross-cultural preconceived ideas affect our expectations. Each individual designer will investigate a cultural perception by creating a new interpretive object. 

'Never Forget' - A Time Piece by ILANEL