Michael Kluge

St Kilda Art Crawl May 25, 26 & 27

10am onwards

Punchinello Pop Up  

33 Fitzroy Street 

Michael Kluge focuses on subjects that occupy a distinct space. Throughout his practice he amplifies his ideas with light. The marginalized draw his eye.And because Michael values the ordinary and the overlooked, he dresses them up in their best light – in the hope that we will also come to notice and value them.

The concept of time is central to Michael’s work.  He privileges old objects, people and locations that hold history within their image. The disappearance of a subject before he has captured it gives him concern. 

Kluge’s regard for the soul of his subjectsand his desire to give them presence is manifest in the beauty he conjures in his work.

Michael is exhibiting photographic works from his ‘Behind the Façade’ project, images that capture the places and spaces behind the façade of many of the City of Port Phillips unique and historical buildings.

m l 0418 536 667


instagram l michaelklugephotographer