St. Kilda Art Crawl

General Concept

The St Kilda Art Crawl (SKAC) is designed to highlight the galleries, artists, street art, sculptors, photographers and art installations in St Kilda and nearing suburbs.

The St Kilda Art Crawl is an easy idea to implement.

St Kilda Art Crawl will highlight the galleries, artists, street art, sculptors, photographers, art installations.

It creates an opportunity for local artists to display and sell their works to the public through St Kilda galleries as well as restaurants, bars and similar type premises, twice a year.

It is a great way for artists to develop their profile and potential sales whilst building their contacts and Social Media marketing.

Those venues that have joined St Kilda Art Crawl activities will experience more sales and traffic and can choose whether or not to take a commission from the artist for sales on the days. They will also receive a 12 month listing in the www.stkildaartcrawl.com website.

We can also provide advertising and promotional support through our Facebook pages, YouTube, Instagram and Periscope and our other strong websites www.stkildanews.com.auwww.tagg.com.au and www.tooraktimes.com.au where we can provide galleries and even online sales of artwork for members.

St Kilda Art Crawl is a not for profit organisation dedicated to supporting art and culture within the St Kilda and greater City of Port Phillip.

We will produce a simple one sheet map for each Art Crawl that will have a map on one side with a connected walking path, but there is really no starting point – venues and artists, pop ups, live music events, gallery events and other coordinated activities will lie along the path.

ALL traders will be given the opportunity to offer short term discounts for the life of the event to capitalise on the foot traffic that the St Kilda Art Crawl will bring to St Kilda’s strip shops.

We are also looking to coordinate/partner with complementary activities like live music events and skate exhibitions.

We have several Patrons committed but need more to fulfil the initial launch. We are also looking for sponsorship partners for this event, an event that could become a major icon of our city.

Initial Implementation

St Kilda Mixer

Artists, venue operators and interested parties from all fields of the St Kilda arts community will be invited to special events called St Kilda Mixers.

The object is to put all the stakeholders together in a fun but productive environment following published agendas to begin with and also have open time for ideas and input into creating event ideas.

Putting artists together with venues will be high on the agenda.

St Kilda Mixer Events will be promoted on both the websites and Our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/stkildaartcrawl/  and information will be sent to members via newsletters.


St Kilda NEEDS Something New

I believe this not for profit organisation can help bring together the current tourism and trader’s associations as well as CoPP (City of Port Phillip) to make this a reality. This project suits all the relevant stake holders stated long term agendas and gives us in some way a ‘super drive’ by having such an eager partnership with one of the most prestigious cities in the US. Both cities are the local tourism meccas, both have extraordinary connections, historical and current, to the music, film, skate, street art, and the locations are very similar in aspect, we truly are Venice beach’s little sister.

Like VAC, St Kilda Art Crawl could become an institution could take off with a guiding hand and a priceless association with an awesome group over the pond!